Economy of the Huns

Hunting and herding were the foundation of the Hun economy. Some Huns raised cattle and others raised sheep and goats. All Huns raised horses. Camels were not used by the Huns in Europe, but the Huns in the Eastern part of the Empire (in the Volga region) kept small herds of Bactrian camels. Hunting was important because it not only supplemented the Huns’ food supply, but helped train their young for war. Hunting also brought in hides that could be used for clothing as well as trade. Huns in the Black Sea region, were known for being fur traders. Large amounts of furs were brought into the Roman Empire from this region.

Photo: A Hungarian Grey Steer. There are still small numbers of this breed today in Hungary.

Besides hunting with bows, Hun children would learn how to hunt with eagles at a very young age. This tradition still lives on among Central Asian Turks like the Kazakhs.