Horde Ernak

About the Horde

Joining the Horde

Horde Ernak offers three types of membership/association that all have different requirements and levels of commitment. Those interested in joining the Horde should get to know the household and see what type of membership would fit best for them.

The Saka Clan

In 1988, Horde Ernak joined in a formal alliance with another SCA household called the Saka Clan. The Saka clan recreated a Scythian camp which was a perfect compliment to our Hun camp. This alliance was celebrated annually for 9 years. The death of the leaders of Saka Clan dissolved their household. To this day, Horde Ernak honors their fallen allies by displaying their household symbol, (the Scythian stag) in the Horde camp. Our friends are gone but not forgotten.