What We Do

Historical Recreation Events

The Horde regularly attends events. Come out and visit the camp.


The Huns of the Migration Era enjoyed drinking honey mead. Horde Ernak brews its own mead using imported honey gathered from wild flowers on the Central Asian steppe. Stop by our camp and enjoy a taste of history.


Archery is a popular activity in our Horde. Most of the outdoor events have an archery range and sometimes there are competitions.


Music is a favorite past time for the Horde. Whether we are playing music ourselves or listening to others, it is a main form of entertainment in the evenings.


The SCA is an organization that is fully run by volunteers. Everyone in Horde Ernak volunteers their time to help with this effort. Members of the Horde help set up events, serve on the Watch, and a variety of other duties needed for an event to run smoothly. We believe if everyone chips in, the event can be enjoyed by all.

Medieval Crafts

Members of the Horde endeavor to learn various medieval skills. Some interests in our group include: blacksmithing, leatherwork, fletching arrows, soap making and candle making.

Camp Games

Mongolian chess, knucklebones, or Roman dice games, we bring it all to events for kids and adults alike.

Joining the Horde

Horde Ernak offers three types of membership/association that all have different requirements and levels of commitment. Those interested in joining the Horde should get to know the household and see what type of membership would fit best for them.