Who Were the Huns?

The Huns were horse warrior nomads from the Central Asian steppe who became well known for raiding in the 4th-6th centuries. The Huns were considered a “barbarian”, tribal people. Of all the savage hordes to plague the Roman Empire, none were more feared than the Huns. They were considered demons- the forces of Gog and Magog, the scourge of God, signifying the end of the world. They were nightmares who could use magic in battle and appear out of nowhere. The psychological effects they had on their foes were terrifying. Chroniclers did not know who they were and so they made up stories of the Huns being the spawn of witches and the spirits of sand and wind.

But who were these people who inspired such fear within the powerful Roman Empire? The answer is more complex than bloodthirsty savages.